Cisco Leadership Course Webinar: Artificial Intelligence – Opportunity or Threat for SMEs?

Webinar Session

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

10.00 AM (ID, TH, VN)

11:00 AM (MY, PH, SG)

From Apple’s Siri and Amazon Alexa to Telsa’s self-driving cars, we are seeing more Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies at work in business and daily living. Despite the seeming proliferation, it is still in the very early stages of development and because of that complex, time and resource consuming. Facing limited data, limited resources, and limited data science talent, is Artificial Intelligence – an opportunity or threat for SMEs?

Why Join the Webinar?

AI has already impact on competition, customer experience and is evolving extremely fast. Whether to adopt it or just want to prepare for its impact on our business, SMEs need to understand the consequences and changes AI is bringing into our environment. Find out about:

  • AI fundamentals for business leaders
  • Differentiate facts from fiction in terms of AI capability
  • Understanding business benefits of AI (use case examples)
  • What differentiates us in an AI centric world

About the speaker:

RobertRobert Schaffner

Robert Schaffner is a native Austrian and has lived and worked in Austria, Germany, Australia, and currently makes his home in Singapore. He started his career as a technologist 25 years ago at Siemens. In 2006, he co-founded Avodaq, a German IT system integrator. He co-founded the collaboration software company, Andtek, in 2011, which he later sold. Robert’s passion is teaching leaders, sales teams, and organizations how to have impact on individuals, organizations, and society.

He has just written a book with Pat Bodin and the title of the book is Get In the Boat – A Journey to Relevance.

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