Digitalization and Its Impact for SMEs

Digitalization and Its Impact for SMEs is the first course from Five Leadership Course offered by Cisco through webinar.

In this session, we look into the drives behind digitalization, its impact on SME organisations, business models, key digital business capabilities and opportunities it promises.

What will you learn:

  • What is Digitalization and why now
  • Digitalization Framework and context
  • Business Model and digital business capabilities
  • How to drive business with social platforms
  • Best practices and examples of digital SMBs

About the speaker:

RobertRobert Schaffner

Robert Schaffner is a native Austrian and has lived and worked in Austria, Germany, Australia, and currently makes his home in Singapore. He started his career as a technologist 25 years ago at Siemens. In 2006, he co-founded Avodaq, a German IT system integrator. He co-founded the collaboration software company, Andtek, in 2011, which he later sold. Robert’s passion is teaching leaders, sales teams, and organizations how to have impact on individuals, organizations, and society.

He has just written a book with Pat Bodin and the title of the book is Get In the Boat – A Journey to Relevance.

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