Enterprise Architecture in the Era of the intelligent Enterprise

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Modern companies are facing increasingly volatile market dynamics and the disruption of business processes and technology, which directly influences the enterprise strategy at both a strategic and an operational level. The Intelligent Enterprise is all about reinventing your company with AI, making it open and agile to master new challenges in a changing environment and creating an adaptable and future-oriented business platform. Enterprise architecture (EA) supports the transformation journey towards the Intelligent Enterprise by providing concepts, models, and methodologies, which define the fundamental organization of the whole enterprise and its relations with ecosystems, leveraging new technologies and data for business innovations. Likewise, the enterprise architecture management (EAM) activities conducted in an organization to install, maintain, and develop the organization’s enterprise architecture and to consistently support business and IT goals, opportunities, and necessities. The Intelligent Enterprise is not a ‘one-shot’ approach, and knowledge and experience of enterprise architecture and enterprise architecture management will help you significantly in transforming your company into an Intelligent Enterprise. In this course, we’ll introduce you to the concept of the Intelligent Enterprise and its architecture – the business platform, tools, and methodologies to manage its complexity and transformation. We’ll discuss the value of the data and architecture of business platforms, how to simplify them and redesign processes around AI, and how to enable people – the most valuable resource in your enterprise. We’ll also show you how to influence leaders using enterprise architecture management.
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