Rr. Nugraheni Widia Utami

Utami is a Manager at the US-ASEAN Business Council where she leads the Council's SME Program in ASEAN. Her aim is to create an impactful program to empower ASEAN SMEs in the digital transformation era and build a more inclusive environment for small businesses, especially during the COVID-19 situation. She focuses to establish a strong partnership between U.S. Private Sectors and the ASEAN Government. She works together with these stakeholders and develops various capacity-building activities for SMEs in the region.

Prior to the Council, she was working in the Indonesian Government (Ministry of Trade and BAPPENAS). Her experience working for the government gave her an extensive opportunity and unique position to work together with Senior Officials and understand the policy-making processes and implementation at the national and local levels. Especially in the areas of international trade cooperation and multilateral foreign funding.

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Political Science from Universitas Indonesia and Master of Public Policy from the Australian National University. She was granted a scholarship from the Australian Awards to fund her postgraduate study.

Contact Us: utami@usasean.org