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ASEAN Access

ASEAN Access is your online information portal to trading within ASEAN. Whether you are an exporter or importer, or interested in expanding your business services to new countries, ASEAN Access will provide you with insight into markets, and trade good and services inside ASEAN.

ASEAN Access is a free portal allowing you to:

Find new business opportunities

Find distributors and service providers

Find practical support to enter new markets

Read country and sector overviews

Familiarize yourself with trade regulations.

Visit now at www.aseanaccess.com

Downstreaming the ASEAN SME Academy @ Negosyo Centers

The Philippines success on assisting the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) through the Negosyo Centers (Business Centers) has been expanded to a new ASEAN Member state of Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Under the program, up-start enterprises can access training resources on how to develop a business plan and get their enterprises registered. For small and medium enterprises, the training focus track will be on enhancing the market access, and technology access.


The IFRS® Foundation is a not-for-profit international organisation responsible for developing a single set of high-quality global accounting standards, known as IFRS Standards.

SME Centre @SMF

SME Centre@SMF, supported by Enterprise Singapore, was established in May 2005 as a subsidiary of SMF. Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) was founded in 1932 as a national body representing manufacturing companies with a membership base of over 3,000 corporations categorized into 10 industry groups. SMF is governed by an elected council. It is one of Singapore’s leading business associations with corporate members from Multi-National Companies (MNCs) to SMEs.

SME Centre@SMF provides small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with easy access to business advisory services to help them start, sustain and grow their businesses. The first-stop SME Centre’s services include business diagnosis, information on government schemes and capability workshops.


SME Centre @SMCCI was established in 2006 with a mission to provide one-stop services to assist local
small and medium enterprises (SMEs) amidst the backdrop of the challenging global economic landscape.

As a strategic partner of Enterprise Singapore, SME Centre @SMCCI partners with aspiring entrepreneurs and SMEs to help them grow and transform their businesses through a diverse range of services such as:

1. Complimentary one-to-one general business advisory to identify
business needs and chart milestones

2. Capability development services to improve business
processes and performance

3. Business diagnostic assessments to eliminate gaps and increase productivity

4. Themed-based workshops to facilitate sharing of business tips
and trends for companies to remain relevant


Supported by Enterprise Singapore, the network of SME Centres provides small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with easy access to business advisory to help them start, sustain and grow their businesses.

SME Centre@Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SME Centre@SICCI) was set up in 2008 in collaboration with Enterprise Singapore (A government body) to offer business advisory services at no charge.

The SME Centre@SICCI hopes to be the first-stop for Singapore-based enterprises that are looking to grow their businesses locally and expand overseas.


Established in 2006 and formerly known as the Enterprise Development Centre@SCCCI (EDC@SCCCI), SME Centre@SCCCI (the Centre) is a collaboration between Enterprise Singapore and Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI). Our mission is to provide holistic general business advisory and capability development services to local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and aspiring entrepreneurs.

SME Centre@SCCCI and its Satellite Centres at Toa Payoh and Ang Mo Kio offer a wide range of value-added services to help SMEs grow and excel. The services are broadly classified as follows:

  • One-to-one business advisory to address business needs and issues
  • One-to-one productivity advisory to identify gaps for improvement
  • Themed workshops to facilitate exchange of knowledge and ideas for capability development
  • Business diagnostic services and group-based diagnostic workshops

SME Centre @ASME

The Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) recognises the urgent need for SME-specific products, services and government-linked assistance schemes to be made readily available for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore.

With the support of SPRING Singapore, ASME has set up Singapore’s very first Enterprise Development Centre (EDC), EDC@ASME in 2005. Today, the EDCs have expanded to become known as SME Centres, and the bespoke SMECentre@ASME provides an even more robust range of assistance and services than before. This includes greater in-depth services comprising business needs and productivity advice, capability and awareness workshops; business leads facilitation, as well as guidance on tapping on government schemes and grants.

Enterprise Singapore Advisory Centre

Located on level 10 of Bugis Junction Office Tower, IE Singapore’s Advisory Centre is the first-stop solution for Singapore-based companies looking to take their business overseas.

The Advisory Centre provides face-to-face advisory support on a wide range of internationalization issues and IE assistance programmes. The centre also boasts an extensive range of online resources where companies can use to obtain business intelligence on overseas markets, industries, business contacts and trade statistics.

The Advisory Centre’s collection of online publications cover market and industry trends, economic indicators, trade regulations and tariff rates. Visitors can also access databases for overseas business contacts.

Global Company Partnership (GCP) by Enterprise Singapore

In today’s competitive global environment, more companies are expanding overseas. We want to support the internationalisation efforts of willing and able Singapore companies.

The GCP Grant helps companies defray eligible costs of their overseas expansion projects in capability building, market access and manpower development.