Launched with the support of several sponsors in 2014, including Internews, Phandeeyar previously operated as Code for Change Myanmar. Phandeeyar is an initiative aimed at fostering tech start-ups and projects initiated by the country’s comparatively adept community of technology professionals. The group sponsors a number of activities that are purposefully geared toward innovation and sparking innovative ideas incorporating technology in the economy. For example, with support of USAID, the group sponsored a “Business Solutions Hackathon,” twice implemented in 2014 and again in 2015. More than 100 developers, designers and entrepreneurs work over the course of the events to create technology applications that responded to challenges presented by the sponsors. For the second Hackathon in 2014, challenges ranged from creating a simple app for accounting to a means of managing table reservations for restaurants. Although the majority of participants were men, a notable aspect of the 2014 Hackathon was the high representation of women among the winning teams: Among the teams placing first and third, all but two members were women, according to Internews. Code for Change continues to welcome women tech entrepreneurs to participate in its activities, including “Phandeeyar: Myanmar Innovation Lab,” a project that encourages Myanmar’s tech community to network with NGOs, businesses, and the media to “build the tools and platforms to accelerate change and development in Myanmar.” In particular, Phandeeyar offers a co-working space in Yangon where training activities, competitions, and other networking events will take place.